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ARES Certification

3 days ago by WA1TCC


Every Sunday Night
21:00 EST on the Lee Repeater – 145.190 pl 123.0
Madison ARES is conducting Simplex Nets in-conjunction with the Sunday nets. The net will move to Simplex 146.550 at the end of the regular net and the Net Control operator will go through the role again. All participants shall log who they heard and the quality of signal. This information will be used to map our capables in the event of a repeater being down. If you can’t log in with Simplex, we all gather after the role call on the repeater to review the results.

We also encourage you to log into the other ARES nets during the week and the Sunday night training net at 19:30 on 147,030 pl 94.8 and the HF 3950 training net Saturdays at 08:30.

Madison ARES Roster and Preamble


ARES Preamble 2021C in PDF