Digital Repeaters

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Digital Repeaters

3 days ago by WA1TCC

Madison ARC has converted our analog UHF repeater to a DMR UHF repeater using the same frequency. All Amateurs are welcome to use the repeater. At this time we have limited Internet capabilities but are working on that connectivity.
DMR repeaters use channel 9 as a local repeat channel. Other channels which go to the Internet and connect to other repeaters are setup by the administrator and use Internet connectivity to transfer the DMR data. Depending on the configuration you may talk to someone in any place in the world using the local repeater once there is a Internet connection. When setting up for a DMR connection in a radio you will need the frequency of the repeater and the color code ( think of the PL in analog world). You will need the offset which is usually the standardized for the frequency. Three links are below for more information or visit our DMR pages.

In the mean time here is the config for the Madison DMR Repeater

Frequency 442.000 Color Code white (1) Channel 9 only at this time