Potential Action Scenarios

Madison Amateurs - Doing what is needed when Needed

 by WA1TCC

Distribution of resources

Communications capabilities may be degraded or non existent. Radio equipped individuals may be distributed to various locations within the county to support normal and emergency communications. This may be a response to loss of electricity, loss of communication facilities or the support of a remote operation. Locations will be determined for distribution of outside resources coming into the community and support facilities for those resources -food and housing by the Director of the EOC or the ARES EC.

Traffic Management

Roads maybe impassible due to:
  • Floods
  • Fire
  • Accident
  • Smoke or Chemical release.

Resources may be required to manage traffic conditions on various roadways. Reporting may include:
  • Traffic reports
  • Road closure status
  • Flood conditions
  • Any other related status.

Establish alternative modes of communication

Normal communication channels may be damaged or overloaded during a emergency condition. Commutations may require support from the amateur community due to these conditions. Communications may require the distribution of resources to various sites within Madison County to facilitate the flow of information. Ares resources may be required to man the EOC to facilitate transfer of messages to outside agencies using Amateur bands. These tasks will be assigned either by the Madison Director of the EOC or the ARES EC.

Relay commutations

Various areas of Madison County may have needs for support yet may yield poor communications from that location to the EOC. Various functions such as support of direct communications or status updates may be required. Potential opportunities are cross band communications or remote repeater functions.

Message Handling

Communication channels may be inadequate during an emergency. Standards messages my need to be forwarded to support agencies requiring a command of message handling as well as a familiarity with the agencies that would be contacted.

Location reporting

Each member of ARES will be reporting on the state of their location. This provides a qualified condition index of the status of the county. A report may contain numerous reporting vectors such as those listed below:

Power Status

  • Electric status – is power present?
  • Is there noted damage to electrical transmission systems?
  • Are support teams working in the area?

    Weather status

  • Storm conditions – rain, hail, lightning, or thunder?
  • Wind conditions – direction and velocity?
  • Thunderstorm or Tornado sightings?
  • Road conditions
  • Traffic issues road blockages