Madison Amateur Radio

DMR – Digital Radio

DMR – Digital Radio

Madison’s VHF repeater has been change to Brandmeister DMR. Details are listed below. They will be updated as we become familiar with this repeater.

Input 442.000

Output 447.000

CC White – 1

Slot 1 & 2

A list of talk groups natively on the repeater will be listed soon. The repeater is connected to the Internet.

The link below will show the usage and the active Talk Groups

DMRX Dashboard

In the following pages we will provide information for the setting for  DMR and code plugs as they become available. If you have a code plug for a specific model you can send it to me. I will post them on the appropriate page.

DMR Setup

The file below is a CSV file exported from a Baofeng DM-5R that lists all the local repeaters and all SAR net repeaters. It can be used with cleaning to load on your HT with Chirp.

local repeaters

Links below to our pages on DMR Radio