Madison Amateur Radio

DMR Setup

DMR Setup

Setup can be intimidating. You do not have to learn all the options to get started. Find out the frequency of the repeater, the color code and the repeater slots that are used for which channel.

Setup a digital contact for the local channel 9

Setup a channel for the local repeater and Channel 9

Start sending and get on line with the locals and get help as you progress.

Madison is seeing great coverage for our digital repeater – better than we had with the analog repeater at the same location.

Go to the links below and read and familiarize yourself with the basics.

All the links below will open the page to that subject. We have included some general information on how to use the option in setting up a DMR radio. Links for specific information or information related to the topic will be on the bottom of that page. At the bottom of this page general DMR links have been added.




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