Upcoming and Ongoing Events and Exercises

Upcoming and Ongoing Events and Exercises


Every Sunday Night 21:00 EST on the Lee Repeater – 145.190 PL 123

Madison ARES is conducting Simplex Nets in place of the Repeater Net on the following schedule. If you can’t log in with Simplex we will still be monitoring the repeater and will pick you up there.

You can find all information in our Google Calendar and add it to you Google Calendar. It is set as a shared Calendar.

Simplex Net Date

All stations log into the Lee Repeater and after business of the meeting is concluded all stations will QSY to 146.550 for simplex net. The Net Control operator will run through the roster and call for any new stations. Signal reports from reporting stations and no copy should be forwarded to Net Control once the roll call is completed.

Date Net Control Operator
Jan 21 3 Bob
Feb 25 4 Jr
March 18 3 Bob
April 29 5 Pat
May 13 2 Gina
June 24 4 Jr
July 29 5 Pat
August 12 2 Gina
September 16 3 Bob
October 28 4 Jr
 November 11 2 Gina
December 2 1 Pat


Club Meeting

Remember every second Tuesday 6:30 PM at the Madison EOC is our regular meeting. All invited – you don’t have to be a licensed Amateur.