Madison Amateur Radio

Feb 2016 Connectivity Testing

Feb 2016 Connectivity Testing

February Communications Test

Feb 6, 2016
13:00 EST – 16:00 EST

The purpose of this test to to validate connectivity between stations in and out of Madison County using a combination of our 2 meter, 70 CM and Simplex connectivity. We will document the connectivity between each participating station and the repeaters and attempt simplex connectivity to each station. Each station will document their connections with a signal report which will be compiled into our coverage map of Madison County

Below is the instructions for this test.

1:00 PM
A Net Control station will take the role call on 145.190 Repeater
Any mobile stations will state that they are mobile and their location. ( Approx)
Stations that are capable of UHF connections will QSY to 442.000 and a role call on the Madison UHF repeater will be taken.

1:20 PM ( Approx) All stations will QSY to the Madison Simplex Frequency of 146.550. First Net Control station will call for logins. Each stations should note what stations they can hear. Each station then will take a turn on connectivity to any on air stations and exchange signal reports. Please document not only your report but the report to your station. A RST report is sufficient but signal quality is also of interest.

Any station that has the capability of monitoring multiple frequencies is encouraged to monitor the three test frequencies throughout the afternoon. Any mobile stations should continue to make connections while mobile to those frequencies and document their locations. We are looking for nulls as well as connection points – Repeater coverage and Simplex.

As part of this exercise WA1TCC will be mobile and traveling from Georgia on the road as close to the river as possible and testing connectivity. The following locations will be stop points at the river:

Rte 145
Bellville Road
Blue Spring / Rte 6
Rte 141
Rte 90
Rte 10
NW Atlantic Road.

Connections will be
Announcement on 145.190 of current location
QSY to 442 with connectivity test
Simplex on 146.550

All stations that are able should attempt to make connections. If you are only able to make part of the day please still participate. Have fun and talk to each other. We will have some dead air time. Discuss your station and setup. This is a dead part of the day for VHF / UHF so it will be a good test. Please send your information to for processing. A report will be compiled and published on the web.