Madison Amateur Radio Club

We are the Madison County Amateur Radio Club. A group of Radio Amateurs who band together to talk radio and have fun and support each other. We can help you join this community. If interested in Amateur Radio contact us and we will assist you in the process of getting a license and joining our close knit fraternity. Only one of our activities is supporting ARES in Madison county but we take it as our most important!.

Madison Amateur Radio Club

Madison Amateurs - Doing what is needed when Needed

Madison ARES

Madison Amateur Radio Emergency Services is the local response group for any declared emergencies in Madison county. We work in coordination with the Emergency Operations Center in the event of an emergency and provide amateur radio communication and any requested service. This is an amateur radio group but anyone interested in emergency services is welcome. Anyone looking for information on Amateur radio or in getting a license is also encouraged to contact the group. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Madison EOC at 6:30 PM.

Madison Amateur Radio

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