Madison Amateur Radio

Madison ARES 2020 Testing

Madison ARES 2020 Testing

Madison ARES 2020 Foot Print Testing

Madison Amateur Radio ARES will be conducting a foot print test in coordination with the Capital district’s own footprint test on Saturday 25, 2020 between 09:00 and 12:00 EST.

We request that all interested Amateurs participate in the testing as described below. Madison will have at a minimum two Amateurs mobile in the county following the below routes. Testing will consist of establishing a location and documenting the location, call to the repeaters listed and a validation from someone monitoring the repeater. If no response, an indication of whether tone was sufficient to bring up the repeater or not. The Amateur will then proceed to the next location. Each location will be of the testers choice depending upon the safety of the site, the clearance to good communication and the location at a suitable location for this testing. Focus for Madison will be on our repeater footprint. Providing connections to the Capital district will be part of the testing since that is an area that is of utmost importance to connectivity for Madison under emergency circumstances.

Amateurs wishing to participate can test either mobile or be a repeater contact. All initial communications will start for Madison on the Lee WT repeater 145.190. The testing on repeaters will follow the order listed. Anyone located at their QTH should attempt all repeaters at first round and then at least test mid day when conditions will be lower.

Please document any testing and provide it to Pat. K4NRD



Moseley Hall Road

I-10 and Hwy 14 test from the Arby’s

Hwy 14 to test the south and southwest

Hwy 19 NW to the Aucilla River

Number One Federal Road to Sirmans

Hwy 221 to I-10

Hwy 14 south to Moseley Hall Road (Hwy 360)


Clover Ave to Madison Highway

Madison Highway to Rte 150

Rte 150 to Quitman Highway

Cherry lake at Madison Highway

Ga / FLA border

Rte 150 to Ashville

Rte 150 to Rte146

Rte146 to Rte 225

Rte 225 to Rte 221 Ashville

Rte 221 to Rte 90 Greenville

Rte 90 to Rte 6 home

Madison testing

145.190 neg 123 Lee Water Tower

145.110 neg 123 Lee South

145.350 neg 123 Perry

145.430 neg 94.8 Monticello

145.410 neg, 100.0.Live Oak:Shotgun

442.000 DMR White Madison Water Tower

Mobiles will test all of above at every stop and attempt connections to Primary and Secondary Tally Repeaters

Tally Testing

147.030 pl 94.8 Tallahassee ( Primary)

146.910 PL 94.8 (Secondary)

147.285 PL 94.8

147.165 PL 94.8 Gadsden County 14–PL 94.8 Liberty County

Taylor County 145.43 PL 94.8

Wakulla is: 145.450, -.600, tone 94.8.

145.430 NEG 94.8 WX4JEF – Jefferson (FL) ARES

53.03 PL 94.8

WA1TCC will test the below repeaters due to the route moving close to the border and heading towards Tallahassee.

Tallahasse UHF

443.950 POS 94.8 AE4S – Tallahassee

442.100 POS 94.8 K4TLH – Tallahassee


Valdosta 146.760 MHz -600 KHz CTCSS 141.3 Hz

Valdosta 444.700 MHz +5 MHz CTCSS 141.3

Clyattville/Lake Park: 147.135, +.600, tone of 141.3.


147.240 POS 141.3 W4UCJ – Boston

147.195 POS 141.3 W4UCJ – Metcalf

145.170+ PL tone 141.3 Hz Thomasville

Mobiles will test SARS contacts when possible


444.300 94.8 SARS Madison

443.100 94.8 Perry

443.500 94.8 SEOC

442.100 94.8 Tallahassee

443.700 110.9 Live Oak

Due to the Madison DMR not yet being footprinted all stations are requested to test local 9. Anyone who can monitor the Madison DMR repeater would be helpful to validate connections, although we will document any talk light connections. Connections to the DMR repeaters will be conducted by WA1TCC when near the Georgia border and heading towards Tallahassee.

DMR Repeaters

147.0750 +0.6 MHz CC 1 Valdosta Lowndes K4VLD

442.7125 +5 MHz CC 1 141.3 / 141.3 Valdosta Lowndes WR4SG OPEN Testing

Callsign: KC4VLJ

Frequency: 147.07500

Offset: +0.600

ColorCode: 0

K4USD Network

Valdosta, Georgia

TS1 TG 9-Local Repeater

Callsign: NX4DN

Frequency: 444.98750

Offset: +5.000

ColorCode: 1


Greensboro, Florida

TS 2 TG 9 Local Rptr

Callsign: NX4DN

Frequency: 443.02500

Offset: +5.000

ColorCode: 1


WACSSIA, Florida

TS 2 TG 9 Local Rptr

Callsign: NX4DN

Frequency: 443.13750

Offset: +5.000

ColorCode: 1