Madison Amateur Radio

Monthly Testing

Monthly Testing

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Communication Testing

Madison Ares will conduct periodic testing in coordination with our team and peers from adjacent counties to test and improve our communication capabilities.  This testing will be above and beyond the weekly testing conducted on the Sunday night Net.

Monthly Testing

The connectivity and coverage pattern of our local repeaters will be tested on a monthly basis. The repeater tests will be conducted once a month depending on weather and other conditions immediately after the Sunday Night Net. This will be a round robin test of the repeaters listed below.

Lower Madison VHF Analog – 145.110 pl 123

Central Madison UHF Digital 442.000 Color Code

Madison SAR net UHF Analog 443.000 pl 94.8 If available

Simplex VHF Analog 146.550

Simplex VHF Digital 145.510

Simplex UHF Analog TBD

Simplex UHF Digital 446.500

Quarterly Testing

Madison Ares will conduct quarterly tests with our adjacent counties. These tests can be conducted individually but should be reported for reporting purposes. These tests are to log into any and all available repeaters to determine who could stations in the Madison area have coverage outside of the counties and could conduct communication pass through in the event of an emergency. Reporting should be to ????

Tallahassee 147.030 PL94.8 – +600 Tallahassee ARES district primary repeater
Lee Analog 145.190 PL 123 – -600 Lee Repeater
 Madison DMR  442.000  447.000  CC white (1) Slot 1 & 2
Lee Analog 145.110 PL 123 Lee Repeater South Side
Any 146.520 Simplex/no PL National calling channel
Local 146.550 Simplex/no PL Madison and Suwannee ARES simplex frequency
Local Simplex VHF


Local Simplex UHF